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Tips for fundraising surgery costs

Tips for Raising money for surgery

1 out of 10 women are affected by Endometriosis, totaling approximately 176 million women worldwide. 176 MILLION!, yet the proper “Gold Standard” treatment for endometriosis will be performed on less than half of these women… You know, and I know how outrageous that is.

Finding this “Gold Standard” treatment is stressful in itself because we are overwhelmed by this feeling of how in the world are we going to afford this, but trust me when you say you will find a way, you will find a way. I broke it down to myself this way, how many butchered half ass surgeries was I going to put my body through, where my insurance covers, but still have to reach my deductible and it is paying someone to cause more harm to my body. I decided I’d rather be swimming in debt knowing my money went towards someone who knows what they are doing, and I know I have less of a chance being back in the same position I was before surgery. (We have posted a link under our blog post “Treatment: Part 1”. Under that post there is a header called “surgeons” which provides surgeons who provide PROPER excision surgery.

As we continue to protest the response from ACOG and fight our endless battle we wanted to provide you with a few tips in managing to pay for the surgery that we all deserve.   

Online Fundraising Sites:

               Creating an online fundraising site was one of the most difficult tasks to do because it involved getting over my sense of pride, but once it was created and I saw the who was willing to donate even a couple of dollars it was refreshing to know who supported me.

There are hundreds of online fundraising sites, but I provided the most popular ones:





Budgeting Tips:

Envelope System: Creating an envelope for each priority allows you to penny pinch your money. For example, have an envelope for rent, phone bill, food, surgery, etc… by doing this you are creating a budget for each thing and it prevents you from spending extra, only knowing you set aside a certain amount. I know certain bills are not fixed, but it is helpful.

Jar System: Throw all your change in a jar, I mean all of it. The week before surgery I sat there rolling my own coins, which was exhausting, however when you roll your own change you get 100% of the profit if you bring it into your bank. I had about $50 in change, seems like petty cash, but it all adds up.




Put some creativity into it. When I was going for surgery, I wanted to do something where I did not feel like I was just taking people’s money.

I also got to apply my creative skills, something that is a great coping skill for me. My surgery was scheduled for February so from October to December I made wooden ornaments. I brought my dad in the woods, he cut me a small branch and cut them into small slices, where I painted snowmen, gingerbread man and dachshunds!





Social Media:

Search online and social media for free giveaways. I was lucky enough to win a free flight for my travel to the CEC. Certain people do legit

giveaways to give back to the community.

Use Facebook, it is a great networking tool. One strategy would be to hold a 24-hour Facebook awareness campaign. This entails just asking your friends to donate their status rather then their money. Think about if your friends on Facebook only donate their status for 24 hours, how many potential people that

could reach. Not only was I able to manage to get donations, but people in similar situations were reaching out and giving me the emotional support I needed.



Ladies I know these tips require effort and I wish this blog post could have given you a

money tree, but do not give up and most importantly do NOT settle for less!


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