Ending the silence. Waging the war on Endometriosis.

About Us

Starting as two strangers in the same high school and evolving into lifelong friends brought together by one unfortunate cause. ENDOMETRIOSIS.  And the lack of support, care, and resources that are available to the nearly 176 million women suffering from the disease. We are survivors. We are here now to end the silence and wage the war on endo(metriosis).

After two prior surgeries each, physical torture and emotional triumphs, we set out to find the best of the best care. This was found by our now savior, Dr. Kenny Sinvero. This third surgery has been absolutely life changing for the both of us, which left us with the question…why did it take this damn long to get actual treatment and care?! Resources are limited and quality care is expensive and near impossible to find, with an estimated less than 100 providers being able to provide comprehensive endometriosis care and treatment. And this astounding neglect for a serious women’s health issue affecting at least 1 in 10 women is our motivator to help those who are struggling right alongside us. We are striving to break the silence and end the unnecessary suffering of girls and women just like us! Join us in coming together to create a supportive, informative, and creative community of Endo Sisters.

Welcome to the Endo Tribe.